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Host your bachelor (bachelorette) event with Brain Game CPH!

It has been very popular among bachelor (bachelorette) parties to host part of the day with Brain Game CPH. It has been a great experience for the coming bride or groom. A stop at Brain Game gives the day’s festivities an unexpected twist.

At Brain Game CPH you can experience live escape games and work together to find your way out. If you are 7 players or more, you can split into teams and compete against each other. This adds some friendly competition to the long list of activities you have planned for the bachelor (bachelorette).

Brain Game is a fun alternative touch among the various activities that are part of a traditional bachelor (bachelorette) party. Many of our previous events have enjoyed challenging the bride/groom to use their brain and try to escape before the 60 minutes run out.

You have the option to stay at our facilities before or after the game and enjoy some light snacks and drinks before continuing with the day’s shenanigans.

“Brain Game CPH’s escape rooms were a great start to our friend’s Bachelorette party. She did not see it coming at all and she loved the surprise!”
Brita Poulsen
“We started my bachelor party with some friendly competition at Brain Game CPH. We divided in to teams and played the different rooms. It was so much fun and a great way to include everyone in the fun. Even if I one, of course”
Jacob Holm

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